Does IT need a PR rep?

May 18, 2006 at 12:06 pm 4 comments

I’m sending an email to a PR blog for this one to see what they might say too.  When I read this post I thought, “does IT need a PR rep?” Part of me finds some humor in this, but the more I think about this, I realize that technology has run over itself to some degree (or at least the CIOs referenced).  Like many companies today, maybe IT needs to rethink itself too.  Carr quoted a CIO that said much of what is done today is plug-n-play. However, IT professionals are supposed to be aware of the new technologies and constantly ask themselves, “how does this help my company?”  Aren’t many companies still trying to unlock themselves from various sorts of legacy systems?  Isn’t SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) supposed to be a saving grace to bridge the gap between disparate systems?  If Web 2.0 folks can get their start-ups funded by the VCs and angel investors, why can’t CIOs get their budgets approved?  Are they selling their profession short?  Don’t we IT people have more to offer?  Carr summed it up best in his post:

“You have to wonder: If IT mattered, why would CIOs be trying so hard to disassociate themselves from it?”

I work in IT and would like to think my peers and I still have something to offer.  This article makes me feel like the upper echelon in management has abandoned me.  Maybe these CIOs needs to ask us what we can offer and we can load him up with some great ideas that will save the company some money and put us on the cutting edge!

Update: after reading the comments on Carr's blog, maybe I was hasty in my rant. Dave and Vinnie brought up good points in their comments. Still, you have to wonder if some CIOs are bailing out on their staff when you read the referenced post.

Update2:  PR weighs in. 


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  • 1. Kami Huyse  |  May 18, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    In order to be successful, IT will have to be strategic and prove what value it brings to the table. Just like public relations and MARCOM, a command-and-control model just won’t work anymore.

  • 2. Raul  |  May 29, 2006 at 3:49 pm

    To me, it’s not the CIO’s job to value IT. The CIO has to deliver value. I’d much rather my CEO value IT. I’ve recently watched the completion of an IT GM’s crash and burn. He was a great salesman. The business let him tell them what they should do and when he failed he was easy to blame, but in the end everybody lost because we spent money while producing negative value to the business. In almost every article I read of top performing businesses, I’m hearing CEO’s and COO’s talk about investing in technology. If these guy’s don’t get it, no CIO will ever make it happen. If you’re feeling your CIO is letting you down, check out the attitude of his boss before you see who’s holding you back.

  • […] About ten days ago, I asked if IT needed a PR rep. I even had a PR blogger weigh in on the issue. Today, I found a post that would have answered my question quite efficiently. Visibility, Automation, and Simplification.  That sums it up!  Just like Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, we now have Three Laws for IT personnel.   […]

  • […] I found a new EDS blog today that focuses on quality in IT.  This could be a good step in the right direction in addressing some of the questions that arose from this post, and this response from a fellow blogger in the PR realm, Kami..  I think some folks have posted some good comments, and hopefully Kim from EDS addresses some of the questions raised as the blog develops. […]


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