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Flip-flops at work?

Yep, I have to blog this one:  Are flip-flops damaging your career? Only because it has been a hot topic in the hallways at work. What is the dress policy where you work?  Are you allowed to wear flip-flops?

Personally, I don’t think they belong in the work place.  Here’s a related article. I found it on this blog.


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105 year old bowler

Here’s a cool story about a 105 year old bowler.  The story has a link to some video too.

June 30, 2006 at 3:52 pm 1 comment

Good picture of TOR parade

RARA site has an updated write-up on the TOR parade in
Reno June 21, which includes this nice picture.  


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Plane flies without pilot…

…only for a few hundred yards, but…Here’s a story about the ultimate oops when flying a plane.  Fortunately, no one is hurt and we can chuckle about this.

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New Air Racing team

I set up a RSS feed for Air Racing related articles and this came in today.  There is a new unlimited team that will be flying at Reno this year, Team Steadfast.  Best of luck to them.  They will be flying a Yak. 

 For those not familiar with the air races in Reno, Stead AFB (now Reno-Stead airport) is where they hold the races.  It’s an old AFB 8-10 miles north of downtown.  I used to live in Lemmon Valley, the exit just before Stead, and my aunt lived in one of the old AFB houses.  The T-6s and Unlimited class would fly over my house heading into the first pylon to start the races.  That’s when I caught air race fever!  There is nothing like the rumble of those planes coming in to race!  Related:  here’s the Wikipedia entry on Air Racing.

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Referrals to some fun stuff

Newsome’s Fun Brokers.  Gotta give credit where it is due.  He found them, but they are gems.  Check out the sites he has for funny and amusing stuff.

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Is technology helping/hurting friendships?

Ben has a good post that talks about friendship.  He makes some very good points about mutual investment in the friendship. He also linked to this
USA today article,
25% of Americans have no one to confide in.  This article made me stop and think and it makes me go back to this post.  I have to confess, I’m not the tech junkie some others are, but I do find myself at the computer quite a bit.  The article also mentions social networking as a possible remedy.  Are the kids onto something with all the tech stuff they are involved in, or will it hurt their ability to make friendships in the future?  (note: a related post). 

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