Wired teens/a radical question

June 15, 2006 at 9:50 pm Leave a comment

CBS has started their series on “The Wiring of Teen America.”  Their ask the expert page answers questions submitted by concerned parents, and I think this is pretty helpful (including this most helpful link on blog safety).  They ran a number of articles.  One is for a kid they followed for a day.  The other is from an editor with a teen and pre-teen children.  I didn’t care for either of these articles. If you’ve read about kids and the internet, these were pretty average articles.  There are a lot of video segments here, too.  I haven’t watched any of them yet, so I’m unable to offer any opinions yet. 

The most striking article, however, is The Digital Divide 2.0, which coincides with the Pondering Education posts I had yesterday and this morning. 

How about some radical thinking? 

I haven’t thought this through completely, but would love to hear from people who know more about corporate recruiting and education than I do.  I’m not an educator or an HR person. Could a company volunteer some IT experts to the school to help teach?  While they are there, can they scout out young talent?  Can a company offer tuition reimbursement to these young recruits in exchange for X years of service? Or some other kind of commitment or exchange? What are the legal ramifications of doing something like this? (We don’t want to create indentured servants, do we?)  Would this afford some of the under-funded children an opportunity to better themselves without their parents having to foot a college bill? Or help students avoid student loans?  And wouldn’t companies benefit from the input of younger people (if they are willing to listen … not all ideas from young people are bad ideas)? Obviously, there are a lot of questions that come with this type of program, but wouldn’t this marry educators and businesses again for the benefit of the community at large?


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