Can 1 become 100?

June 22, 2006 at 2:09 pm Leave a comment

Ok, I wasn’t going to post this at first, because everybody and their brother has posted about it.  But when the buzz hits the office and creates a fire storm of email, IMs and chat around the water cooler, you have to ask:  Does AOL realize what a PR nightmare they’ve created for themselves?  Now the story is on the news! How many people have blogged about transparency in business?  If AOL is losing ground in the subscriber pool, maybe they need to address the problem internally, and then with their customer base. I think they’d gain some credibility by addressing the real problem with their users. I have an account, primarily for the family’s use.  I’ve had it since they were kids. I’m not fond of the service, but the family likes it and I don’t want to upset them, so I leave it be.  When they are ready, so am I.

Here’s the link to what I think is the original post.  And Newesome had a funny take (and a link to an NBC affiliate carrying the story).  Oh, here’s another source for the audio, if needed.

AOL apologized also, see this post.

And here’s the Technorati search.  6 pages as of this post of people who have blogged this.  Ouch!

Is this a classic case of viral anti-marketing? (Is that a word? It should be.  LOL)


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