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Video from Dayton Air Show

As promised, the following links are some of the video clips from the Dayton Air Show that we took while there:

Harrier demonstration, despite the shakes, this video shows the agility of this very cool bird.

Harrier landing.  The Harrier comes in, hovers, then lands in a very short space.

Blue Angels video is also posted, in segments, so the best way to view is go here, on You Tube, and launch from there.  Read the descriptions for some helpful clues so you don’t have to watch some of the boring stuff that I’ll edit at some time.  If anyone knows of a good editing/mixing software, I’d welcome the suggestions.

Anyway, this way they are posted.  Enjoy!


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Rocket Racing

2007 will be the beginning of the Rocket Racing League.  I’m hoping to make the Reno Air Races in Sep 2007 so I can see them.  Here’s an article that MSNBC ran on them. Apparently, the folks from the Rocket Racing League made an appearance at Osh Kosh as well.

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Nah, we didn’t pull any G’s on that one

Here’s a video on You Tube where the guy riding along with the Blue Angels passed out for a moment.  He only pulled 7.5 G’s.  Like I said in a previous post, I’m not sure how well I’d handle all those G’s either.  Cool video though!

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Osh Kosh didn’t end so well

You hate to read about things like this.  Osh Kosh holds such an awesome event, from what I understand, and one doesn’t like to read about accidents like this.  Our many sympathies with the families impacted.

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SR-71 being refueled

The SR-71 has been retired for a while, but I stumbled on this picture of one during a mid-air refueling, and had to share it.  There is a brief history here (with some great pictures), for those interested.  This, by the way, is one of my favorite airplanes.

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F-14 has served its purpose

Yep, that’s the one from the movie top gone.  Here’s a great picture of one going almost supersonic.  Fox news story here.  Stars and Stripes story here.  It is the end of an era.  The Tomcat was a great bird.  I’m kind of bummed, but all good things must come to an end, I guess.  Any Tomcat pilots or crew out there with some great stories to share?

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Dayton Air Show Pictures

It was HOT!  We all got a little bit red despite our use of the sunblock. Debie, Veronica and I rode in with our friend Mike.  We had a great time.  I took a ride in the P-51 simulator with scenes over the Mojave desert.  It was a total thrill. Now I just need to ride in a real one! 

Mike and I (yeah it was Mike and Mike, so when my wife says “Mike” we both answered) walked the flight line and took some pictures.  My little camera can take some decent shots (posted here, I’ll label them tonight), but he had a better quality camera. Mike’s pictures are posted here. He has some great ones.

I took some video as well.  I have a great shot of the Harrier demo, despite the shaky camera work.  I also took video of the Blue Angels pilot’s ceremony, and then their performance.  Well, the performance was up to the point where the battery went out.  Oops.  I haven’t got it all viewed yet, but from what I have seen is fair it is obvious I am an amateur with the camcorder.  Anyway, I’ll get those posted tonight or tomorrow, as time permits.  All in all, a great time was had by all.  The pictures don’t do it all justice. You have to experience an airshow to really know what it is like. If you were there, leave me a comment, and we can share stories.

Updated:  Fixed broken link for pictures

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