Are kids today equipped to cope with their anger?

July 27, 2006 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

My initial reaction when this whole story was taking place last weekend, was that this was another boundary starved kid like the kids at Columbine.  However, as I read this news account I wonder if this isn’t more like a case of parents (or guardians) failing to teach our children coping mechanisms.  I don’t know this child or his family, so I’m in no position to pass judgment.  The family, perhaps unfortunately, will now be under a microscope.

A theme that is common on Business Week: Working Parents blog, and others, is that we need to teach our children to become normal, productive, healthy adults.  Life hands us some tough situations.  We, as parents, need to teach our children healthy ways to vent their frustrations and anger.  We all face these emotions.  It’s how we vent off this anger that makes the difference.  When our children see us angry, what do they see?  What are they learning?  Are we teaching them, by our example, how to properly deal with the anger?


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