Big Oil

July 28, 2006 at 11:46 am Leave a comment

I’ll ask the question that everyone wants answered. I’ll risk looking stupid. I really don’t know anything about the oil business, but when oil companies are posting record profits while we continue to pay higher prices at the pump, and subsequently for every other consumer good that moves on a truck, how is that big oil is helping me the consumer? Is this a classic case where the shareholders make good at the expense of the public and what is supposed to be the good of man?  Do the words “good corporate citizen” really mean anything to the public?  I think “good corporate citizen” is a cover phrase for “shareholders.”  Big oil says: I’m a good citizen if I take care of my shareholders.  I really want someone from big oil to explain this, in layman’s terms, so the public can understand how they are helping us.  Couldn’t they lower some prices and make a little less money to help the average person out?  Wouldn’t that be a corporate citizen?


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