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August 15, 2006 at 4:31 pm 1 comment

Well, I started this entry earlier today with the intent of just saying why I blog, and to share a success story about a blog I’m doing for a booster club to share information with it’s members.  However, while catching up on my blog reading that was skipped while I was away, I found this post by Kent Newsome, Who do your write for?, with a follow up, here.  So, I tweaked my entry to fit the bill, and to share the love with those who responded.  I did break the rule though, and it isn’t a paragraph long.  Sorry.

I’ve been blabbing here on my own blog about anything that suits my fancy, and have enjoyed it immensely. I think most of my readers are friends, and perhaps a few visit semi-regularly from the blogs I’ve commented on.  But the biggest reason is; to use a phrase my wife likes, “I find it cathartic.”  (I really had a chuckle on that one after reading Richard’s entry).  I’m not hung up on how many visits I get, but I have to admit, it is exciting when you see a post get a lot of traffic. 

If asked to critique my blog, I’d say it is average.  And that is ok with me.  Again, I’m doing it for me – and if you care enough to read something I’ve posted and share your thoughts, all the better!  That adds to the enjoyment of it.  This is just my way of sharing what is on my mind.  I don’t have to remember it for the next time we meet now – I’ve shared it here.  Some entries have been great conversation starters for the next time I meet a friend.  Sometimes, the conversation is through email.  The point really is, we’ve shared something, somehow, and this is just another medium used to share.

Anyway, I’ve been reading about corporate blogging and the like.  I’ve even found out that some people do this for a living – now that is pretty cool.  However, I’m not a professional writer, and I’m not convinced I could find a niche topic that would pay my bills and keep me interested long enough to make a job of it.  If you have any ideas I’m open to suggestions. I rather like the idea of working for myself – well, I’d be working for the readers wouldn’t I? Anyway, it sounds fun, and maybe that is just because I enjoy creating the blog entries.  There’s a list of things I’d have to do better in that arena anyway and I’m not sure I’m young enough to address them all now.  J

I have a family blog – but I find that one isn’t updated by other members of the family as often as I would like.  I can’t fault anyone there.  It was my idea, and people are busy.  They do what they can do.  So, maybe that blog would be considered a failure…but let’s share a success with a blog too.

I’ve found a good use for blogging with a booster club I’m involved in.  I won’t bother posting a link to it, since the info there is for the club itself, but we’ve done some pretty cool things with it.  New members can subscribe to a feed to the blog via Feedblitz.  The group volunteers to run concession stands at various sporting events around
Indianapolis, and we manage the event list on Google Spreadsheets.  We used Calendar at first, but you had to click on details for each dates to see who was working which event.  The spreadsheet was easier to maintain, and gave us better “at a glance” ability.  No group emails anymore either.  Group members subscribe and unsubscribe as they come and go, and blog entries are now emailed every night after they are posted.  Blogging has made our life a bit easier in this world. 


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