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Air Racing: 9/29/06

Some more air racing pictures from another blogger are here.  Shawn, emailed these photos of Dago Red and The Super Corsair.

Sports class racer Unleashed is in the news today.  There is a link on the article to a gallery by Stick and Rudder photography.  There are four categories of Reno 2006 pictures there, along with galleries from previous years and other events.

Here is a nice photo of  ‘Strega’ passing ‘Czech Mate’.

There are plenty of cool articles in this months issue of Air & Space Magazine.  Articles range from a write-up on the Fly Boys movie, information on the X-35 (which will be the F-35 Lightning II), very light jets (which I’ve blogged about in previous posts), and the ‘Stormbird’ (the first combat jet) – and don’t forget to vote for the next issues’ cover.


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Air Racing: 9/26/06

There is a lot of good stuff still trickling in.

There are some fantastic pictures in this post from the Reno Air Races. 

If you haven’t checked out Victor Archer’s air racing galleries yet, you need to.  He has some of the best stuff from the air races.  He also has T-shirts printed for sale here (if there any left – I need to get my order in too!)  Speaking of great shots, you have to see this one where he caught Rare Bear flying “over the moon.”

Here is a post (post #29) that explains why Reno is addicting and why the Red Bull races in Europe don’t quite suffice.  In their defense (a later post makes this point too), the Red Bull folks do market their races well.  It would be cool to see Reno do better in that respect.  Getting a big-time sponsor would be huge!  Any takers?

More pictures:  some pictures from the fence line at Reno, (Nice shots!)  Spirit of Texas flying low, and finally, a REAL CLASSIC airplane (winner of the Rolls Royce Heritage Trophy at Reno.

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An interesting quote

In regards to the failed launch attempt on Monday of the private rocket, my favorite quote in this article is:  “It was a day full of ups and downs…” Uh – I wonder if he meant to be punny?

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Tsunami – the air racer

The history of the plane Tsunami is quite interesting.  It’s a really unique airplane, built just for racing.  There are numerous links, some with video, on the AAFO board at this post – all of them are very interesting and informative, and fill in some much needed history.

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Some fun

Ok, I’ve been so caught up in the air racing world people are thinking I’m obsessed.  So, let’s just have some fun for the day:

Weird Al sings, don’t download this song.  The lyrics are funny.

A Welsh View gives us the man playing guitar with no arms.  This guy is very talented when you consider I can’t play a guitar!

Stars before they were stars (yeh, this one is an old post from July, but I just saw it and almost died laughing at some of the segments) [via]

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Engine test for the F-35

They fired the engines and they say the test was a success.  F-35 Lightning II news.

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Greenwood Air Show

Indy area folks might enjoy this if the weather holds.  Greenwood Air Show.  Parade included. 

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