Air Racing: 9/16/06

September 16, 2006 at 1:04 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday was busy.  My apologies to those who might have been waiting for another post.

Who the next Unlimited Champion will be with Dago Red and Rare Bear out (see previous posts) is anybody’s guess.  Strega and Precious Metal appear to be doing well, but Strega was on the ramp last night doing some run-ups.  I won’t try to read anything into that.  I’ll just wait to see what pans out. 

In the Jet class, John Penny seems to be in good shape.  I’m not too familiar with the Bi-planes or the Formula, and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of information out on the message boards.  I’ll post anything as I find it.  I did find these little nuggets on RGJ.  The Biplanes didn’t race because of the wind.

In the T-6 class, one has to lean heavily toward Al Goss. However, there is still two days of racing left and you never know what will happen. 

If you are wondering what an engine looks like when it goes, check out this post where you can see pictures of the engine that WAS in Merlin’s Magic. 

As always, there is a TON of info out on Hangar Talk from AAFO.  And it is rife with rumors and speculation about who is doing what and why.  You’ll have to read it and figure it out.  I admit, I’m a fan, but not very knowledgeable when it comes to the mechanics of it all.  So I just sit back and wait.  <sigh>

I noticed from the pictures on Hangar Talk there is an F4 Phantom flying in the formations.  There is another photo of it landing at that short little strip at Stead.  I loved that jet as a kid.  We don’t see them in the air air shows here in the Midwest.  A total bummer.

Here is a Reno paper article on the Reno Air Races and film production for the movie Thunder Over Reno.  (There is a nice photo of Precious Metal at sunset here.  PM is one of the stars of the movie).

Here is a RGJ article about some of the racing which touches on all the classes except Formula One.

Another video of the racing action is here.  Here is a video of Teresa Stokes doing her wing walking.

If you’ve ever been to Reno, have you noticed the zany folks dressed in orange in Section 3?  The Reno Gazette Journal did an article on them this morning.  I might have to join that crowd next year! 


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