Sports: Do we focus on the negative too much?

October 17, 2006 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

Bob Kravitz was the subject of many conversations this last weekend.  Bob was on the radio yesterday morning (Bob and Tom Show again), and as surprising as this might sound to some, since Bob is such a controversial sports writer in many peoples opinion…back to the subject at hand – Bob brought up a good point.  Why do we spend so much time focusing on the negative athletes.  He agreed that all the negative things that happen in sports (Artest, T.O., Randy Moss, S. Jackson, and many others) tend to get more focus by not only him, but even the national sports shows too, like ESPN.  Here is the question he asked – why don’t we see Marvin Harrison on the cover of any magazines, profiled as a good example, a great athlete, and the kind of guy you’d want in any locker room.  If we spent more time emphasizing the positive, does anyone think more athletes would step up and become better role models – or are they too highly paid and too self absorbed to give a damn?



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