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Too much time on his hands?

A friend sent me an email with this video from YouTube.  This guy made, by hand, every piece of this 1/3 scale Ferrari 312PB.  20,000 hours invested is what the summary says.  Wow!


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Create a Shutdown icon

Ok – I didn’t know I could do this until now.  I like it.  Now I can double-click an icon to shut down my PC.  I like it! 

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Indianapolis has super heroes!

Mr. Silent and Doktor DiscorD are Indy’s super heroes!  Who knew!  Neat article.  [Thanks Arthur]

Go to this post on Arthur’s blog and find MySpace pages for the super hero in your area.  Michigan, California, Utah, Arizona and Chicago, IL are listed.

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Chris Rock predicted the OJ video

Nine years ago, Chris Rock predicted (kind of) that there would be an OJ video  see 1:08 on the video [via]. 

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Duct tape on a plane?

Robert Gale has this post that is downright scary – a passenger films a crew putting duct tape on the plane he’s getting ready to fly.  Yikes!

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Chris Perillo – Online Video war

Brilliant piece using YouTube, Google Video and Revver.  If you don’t have high speed, you won’t get the point.  Fire these off in succession and watch the argument.  Three screens, same person, arguing with himself about which is better.  It’s fun.  I had a good laugh. 

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What is the Role of a University?

Robert Scoble asks the question: 

Is it to teach commercial skills (like how to run Adobe InDesign) or is it to push people to explore their fields and themselves?

I’m one of those rare(?) people who got his education later.  I’ve been working in technology for about ten years now.  I only got my degree two years ago.  Most of my classes went over skills I had already learned.  The classes that taught me the most were the ones that taught some theory, some thinking – or challenged me to think in ways I hadn’t thought before. 

Did anyone see the movie “Accepted”?  I really liked the movie for the message it delivered.  Yes, it was comedy.  But the message – isn’t that what Robert is asking?  Don’t we need the skills to THINK through the problem?  Robert said we can learn how to use a product or software with a book.  Will the technolgies we teach in schools today be relevant in a decade at the speed things are changing?  What do you think?

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