Thank you Service members

November 11, 2006 at 11:02 am Leave a comment

To those who serve:  THANK YOU!  I don’t care what branch of the service you belong to.  That thank you is the result of a service member, who reminded us in his post today, to say thank you to a service member.  So, in addition to this post, I sent a personal thank you note to a few service members I know that are currently serving.

I was in the Army from 83-87.  I served during peace time in a non-combat job.  I don’t have war stories to tell.  I don’t have any hardship stories to tell when I compare my service to those in Iraq and Afghanistan now.  However, my wife and I look back on my service years with fondness.  After training, I was sent to Baumholder, Germany.  I grew up alot up there on “the rock”.  My first daughter was born in Landstuhl, Germany – the same place many of our injured soldiers (and you may recall, some of the injured news crews were sent there also) are sent first when injured in action.  We travelled some (we should have travelled more) and experienced some of Europe. 

I was reminded of what hardships my wife went through when I travelled to Reno last year for the Air Races.  I was on the plane with a medic that was coming home on leave for two weeks.  Her husband was in Iraq.  She was stationed in Germany, where they took the place of a medical unit that was deployed to Afghanistan.  She shared that the families that were left behind on the base were extremely happy to have the base medical facilities staffed again.  Some had to have babies in a German hospitals, where the language barrier created extra stresses that most of us never experience.  And that reminded me – my wife had a difficult pregnancy with our first daughter.  She didn’t have a lot of support – her family was back in the States.  She never complained about it.  I was away on TDY (temporary duty) quite a bit, so she would sometimes go for weeks without seeing me.  Sure, you make friends on the base, and they become your extended family, but being in a foreign land (we lived off base) without familiar people and surroundings can be unsettling when things aren’t going well.  So, the story of hardship really isn’t mine, it is my wife’s.

So – to the families of service members – those who may have to spend these upcoming holidays alone – THANK YOU also.  There are a few of us who understand the sacfrices your families make also.  Hopefully, many more will know as time goes on, and maybe some of us can reach out to those we know who are dealing with a loved one that is away in service and lend them some moral support.

Proud to have served – and would gladly do it again.  Mike.


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