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Next year’s project?

I think I found something fun to do for next year that won’t be overly taxing:  A Picture a day.  Right now, all I have is a little point and shoot digital camera.  We’ll start with that and maybe get a better camera later in the year.  This could be fun.  The camera has enough features.  Just the other day I learned how to turn the flash off and toyed with taking pictures of the dog by the fireplace. 


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Interesting stories

There are a few interesting airline stories in my link blog today.  In one case, some drunk passenger decided to slap another passenger.  It turns out, that passenger was an air marshal.  Oops!

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What would you have done?

A Wal-Mart in Mitchell, SD gets a bomb threat.  The managers decide not to evacuate the building.  This is an interesting post on Bruce Schneier’s blog.  The comments are an interesting read also with readers debating the decision, the amount of data available to make the decision, etc.  One reader pointed out that more people could have been hurt in the panic that ensues with a evacuation order.  I’m not sure what I would have done.  The linked news article doesn’t give a lot of information about the threat itself.  What would you have done? 

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Blue Angels will perform at Oregon

Considering the backlash that organizers of the this airshow dealt with after the accident in July, I think this is great news.  The Blue Angels will perform at this years airshow. 

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Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer


It’s looking like a fun movie to watch.  [via]

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Spam on my cell phone

No thanks!  I’m sharing this post by Seth, where he is trying to get the message to Verizon that posting spam on our cell phones is NOT customer friendly.  Maybe someone can help spread the word.  Yuck!  I don’t use Verizon.  Maybe Verizon will loose market share when they do this, so my carrier will get the message.  One can only hope.

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Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

I rented it. I watched it.  I bought into all the hype.  The local paper carried an article that the movie has an outside shot at best movie.  I didn’t like it.  Ben, and many others, did.  There were some very funny scenes and I liked the message the movie was trying to get across, but overall, I wasn’t overwhelmed by this one.  It’s not the first time I haven’t agreed with the newspaper critics, but I think I might be in a small boat by myself on this one, because a lot of friends have said they liked the movie also.  I guess it wasn’t to my taste. 

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