Would you be a good pilot

December 9, 2006 at 6:30 am Leave a comment

Seth Godin has an interesting post, using a pilot as the model.  Pilots follow directions.  They do it right.  They have to.  But does everyone need to be a direction follower, a do it my the list type of person?  Seth says:

Here’s the thing: I think (outside of the airline business, of course) that our need for pilots is diminishing, and rapidly. I think the value add of a person who carefully follows instructions and procedures keeps going down. I think the fact that pilots would do well in a job interview at your organization means your organization probably should change the way interviews get done.

Thoughts?  I’ve asked this before – where is the line drawn between bein an innovator, a creator, a trend setter?  At what point do we (society) start labeling these types as trouble makers? 


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