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Learn about the military’s ray gun

A non-lethal weapon being tested by the military. 


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More reading

There’s some worthy stuff in the link blog today.

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Sale of F-14 Tomcat parts suspended

This is a good move in my opinion:  The Pentagon has suspended the sale of F-14 parts.  Why?  Despite the fact that the USAF has retired the Tomcat, Iran still uses it in their Air Force.

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Red Flag 2007

More from Victor Archer.  Just amazing photos of the jets and support aircraft during Red Flag this year.  Just stunning.

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Even the squirrels know


My wife’s friend sent this to her.  It said:  Found this little guy in my backyard.  I took it as a good sign.Yes, we’re all nuts over the Colts!  Go Colts!

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Engine failure


I can’t imagine being a crew member or passenger on this flight was much fun.  This article tells the story.  [via]

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Yes, they fly that low sometimes

More low flying action (2006 Reno Air Races) on this post.

Posted today on AAFOFlying low

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