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Read Britt’s account of doing air-to-air shots.  Britt is one lucky dude.  After his account of how it is done (it’s not as easy as it looks), he has some outstanding shots of some old warbirds.  I found the story about Spam Can to be very interesting.  I lived in Reno when the Red Baron (Spam Can was built from some of it’s wreckage) crashed.  That was a scary day.  Spam Can looks great though! 

Spam Can by Britt

 I found Britt’s post via a Technorati search that I have in my Google Reader.  Most of the time I get a lot of crap from the searches, but ocassionally you’ll get a nice nugget like Britt’s post above.  It’s a good day.


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Cable Air Show 2007 Cable Air Show 2007, Victor Archer photos

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