Book: In the company of heroes

January 26, 2007 at 6:29 am Leave a comment

Michael J Durant was one of the Blackhawk pilots shot down over Somalia in 1993.  In the company of heroes is his account of the battle and his 11 days as a prisoner.  CW4 Durant suffered from a broken back and broken leg from the crash, and then a broken jaw and other wounds from his captors. 

I read the book on a recent trip I had to take.  I was spell bound from the beginning.  Michael and his co-author, Steven Hartov, weave a tale that not only describes the action surrounding Durant’s capture and captivity, but also help you feel the emotions of the captivity.  Durant’s story will motivate you.  Patriotism runs deep amongst military veterans, and Durant helps you feel some of that and more. 


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