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Air Force battles aging aircraft

This article explains the situation adequately.  [via]


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A cartoon for anyone who knows programming

I loved this one.  It merited a post, instead of a share in the link blog.

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Thunder Over Reno Movie Trailer, It’s up!

Hawk, one of the actors in the movie, has the trailer for this movie posted on his MySpace account now.  I checked the TOR website, it isn’t there yet.  I’m looking forward to this movie and really hope it represents air racing well.  Summer 2007 is the release date.  

3/13 Update:  The trailer that was posted wasn’t intended for release yet.  Producers of the movie had it taken down off of Hawk’s MySpace page.  We are back to waiting for the trailer again.

Update:  Here’s some of the actors:  Natasha Yi, Hawk Younkins, Isabella St. James.

Here’s another blog entry about the movie from some folks who have a song in the movie. 

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B-17 fans will like this

If you are a fan of the B-17, you will like this post on ASB. Lots of B-17 fans posting their favorite pictures of various B-17s that are still around.

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Sports section

The sports page was a bit strange today.  First, their was the story of the Olympic wrestler who has survived a third mishap in his life.  This time a plane crash.  Then, there was tragic story of NBA center Ilgauskas, whose wife miscarried the twins they were expecting. He returned to action last night.  What a horrible thing for any family to have to go through.  The last story, a tragedy again, was about another player who died from the Denver Broncos.  This is the second death that team has had to deal with during the off season.  This time, the player just collapsed after a charity basketball game.  Needless to say, an odd day on the sports pages. 

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Bruce Crandall to be considered for Medal of Honor

If you have seen “We Were Soldiers” with Mel Gibson, this pilot was portrayed in the movie by Greg Kinnear.  Bruce’s fellow pilot on that daring day in Viet Nam, Ed Freeman, received his Medal of Honor in 2001.  I think this one is a no brainer.  I’m looking forward to posting that Bruce has been confirmed to receive the medal.  More here.

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A taste of the air races

Watch this video and you’ll get a taste of each class from the air races.  [via]

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