OJ Mayo – can adults impact a kids future?

February 3, 2007 at 6:56 pm Leave a comment

If you don’t know the name, that is ok.  What is more important is how a young kid can be targeted by adults in a tactic that can ruin his future.  I first found about this incident from Arthur, another Indianapolis blogger.  Check out the video he links to.  It appears the ref had it out for him.

Now, lets hear what the sports writers are saying.  Well, only one there, but I’m sure we’ll see and hear more if we look hard enough.

Think this is an isolated incident?  Read this entry from Mark Cuban about Genarlow Wilson, and give it some more thought.  I might be reading between the lines quite a bit here – but I think some adults had Wilson in their sites too.  This kid had his future destroyed.

Got any more examples?  Please share them.


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