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Day of Silence

One Day Blog Silence


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Blue Angels pen pal

Worth sharing:  Here’s a story about a young man that was touched by the Blue Angels team and felt the sting of the death of Lcmdr Kevin Davis.  [via]

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Minter Air Show

The Archer family has their photos posted from the air show.  This time the photos posted are from Jeffrey Archer.  There are some really good ones.  You have to check them out.  [via]

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Honoring Blue Angel #6

Rob Reider honors Lcdr. Kevin Davis in his podcast this week (Episode 6).  It’s very fitting.  It isn’t very long, and Rob shares some of his knowledge from personal dealing with “Kojack” during the 2006 airshow season.  It’s a good listen!

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Professional Pilot News: ExcelAire blames ATC for mid-air collision in Brazil last year

Professional Pilot News: ExcelAire blames ATC for mid-air collision in Brazil last year

I’ve followed this story for some time.  I am glad that the two pilots (they were detained in Brazil for some time last year) now have their company standing behind them.  There are a lot of good links in the article to follow up on too.  [Related posts]

April 24, 2007 at 6:57 am Leave a comment :: Bird strikes Thunderbird F-16 at Barksdale Air Show :: Bird strikes Thunderbird F-16 at Barksdale Air Show

Last week was a bit weird, no?  There was Virginia Tech (I’ve been at a loss for anything to say on that one.  I’m still stunned and hurt by this incident.  I feel very helpless).  Then Blue Angel #6 went down.  What we didn’t know is that one of the USAF Thunderbirds had an incident also.  This one was minor and and the plane landed safely.  No injuries. [via]

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Helicopter wake up call

I went to let the dog out this morning.  Upon opening the back door, I hear the WTHR helicopter and see lots of smoke.  So I turned on the news to discover that US40 is closed at Raceway Road because of a mulch fire.  I’m just glad the wind isn’t blowing the smoke and smell at my house. 

WTHR Traffic

From the WTHR Traffic map this morning.  I couldn’t find the video footage they were broadcasting this morning.

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