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F-22 with Thunderbirds

You won’t see this often:  The Thunderbirds in formation with an F-22 leading the way.  The rest of the thread has other great shots from the Air Power Over Hampton Roads airshow.


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F-15 Jet Crashes in Indiana Field |

F-15 Jet Crashes in Indiana Field |  [via]  Good news is that the pilot ejected and is ok.  Shook up, but ok. 

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Glacier Girl: Operation Bolero II

DT Linn has a nice post about the flight Glacier Girl will be making over the Atlantic June 23, 2007.  The flight is to comemmorate the original flight of The Lost Squadron (click on the British flag, lower left, for English) back in 1942.

More inside scoop on this thread at

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Watsonville – air show pics

Mike Shreeve has some really nice pics posted from air show at Watsonville this last weekend.  They are worth checking out.  He’s got a really nice one of Ridge Runner, a P-51 Mustang, making its show pass.  Also, a really nice one of a C-130 with some nice prop effects.

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Thunderbirds commander on Daily Show

LTC Kevin Robbins was featured on the Daily Show with John Stewart.  [via]

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Enjoy your Memorial Day!

To all the vets who gave it all so I can enjoy this weekend…..Thank you!

Here’s some nice art work from Victor Archer for you.

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Planes of Fame airshow, Chino

Pictures are starting to come in.  More hereDan has a blog I started watching last week.  He has three separate posts from the show, and links to photo albums for each day of the show.

Many people got shots of what may very well be my favorite – two P-38s flying together.  I wish I could have been there.

You’ll want to keep an eye on Victor Archer’s site too.  I’m sure that his photos will be stunning once they are posted.

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