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Relentless has new paint

And she is looking good!  Mike Shreeve took some great photos!


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Glacier Girl: It wasn’t meant to be

Yesterday, it was announced that Glacier Girl will not complete the trip to England.  Operation Bolero II continues, however, as Ed Shipley continues the flight in the P-51 Mustang, Miss VelmaGlacier Girl is parked in Goose Bay awaiting an engine replacement by her dedicated and skilled crew.  The people at have been fantastic in covering the whole flight and keeping us informed.  I’m sure they are disappointed, but I like what Shipley told someone over the phone, which was related in one of the posts:  Glacier Girl still has history to make!

The story of Glacier Girl is already remarkable.  The initial mission that failed on the ice, being buried in the ice for 50 odd years, the recovery from the ice, the restoration, appearances at various airshows, and then this attempt at the original mission again.  Simply remarkable. 

Everyone involved in this plane’s history deserves a standing ovation.  There has been a lot of money spent to keep her flying, but I think the most important investment that needs to be recognized is the time and effort that has gone into her recovery, restoration  and maintenance. 

Keep an eye on the link blog (link is in the right column).  I’ll share any news stories or blog posts related to Glacier Girl as they appear.

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Operation Bolero II: Why they didn’t fly today

Ed Shipley explains why they didn’t take off for the next leg of Operation Bolero II today (video).  The whole mission is an exclusive on  There’s a lot of us in my office wishing these guys LOTS of luck!

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Voodoo team: Interview with the crew

The Voodoo website has been updated with some interviews (video) of the crew.  This is one reason I really like the internet.  Things like this never make TV anymore, and it is nice to have access to the race teams.  Like others, I just wish some more air racing teams would follow this example.  [via

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Video: Raptor demo

Keith left this is the comments this morning.  It’s worthy of a post of it’s own. 

Just added an F-22 Raptor Video to the site.  I got to spend some time with the demo pilot, Major Paul “Max” Moga.  In the video, he talks you through each maneuver.  The focus of this 9 minute video is the videography of the flight.  Each maneuver is presented from entry to exit so the viewer can experience the next best thing to watching it live.  The bonus of this video is it starts at preflight, and has nice shots of the engine start with full control surface checks- all within 20 feet of the Raptor.

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Pilot story: Cpt Paul Olsen

Sadly, he passed from cancer, age 86.  His doctor posts one of his stories here

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Relentless update, 6/23/07

Team Relentless has a post on AAFO letting us know the latest on their beautiful plane.  It will be getting new paint soon.  I can’t wait to see it.

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