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Skip Holm to pilot Nemesis

Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion – Skip Holm to pilot Nemesis.

 Wow!  He’s piloting two planes in the Sports Class. 


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More tragedy – this time Dayton

Adding to an awful week in aviation, comes this story about Jim LeRoy’s accident in Dayton.  Jim was an awarding winning acrobatic flyer and will be sorely missed.  You can imagine how stunned I was when watching the news when the family and I reached our vacation destination. 

AAFO and Airshowbuzz weigh in – all loved Jim.  Everyone is completely shell-shocked about the this last week.  These are the people who knew Jim well and really convey what a loss has been suffered.

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Thunder Over Reno – Premier

Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion – This Just In…. Thunder Over Reno – Premier.

 Wayne has posted the premier information on AAFO, linked above.

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Blue Skies – Gerry Beck

Rather than fumble for words, I’d prefer to let someone who knew Gerry express the grief. I’ve grown very fond of the whole air racing community and I “lurk” on their boards frequently. I don’t know much. I’m just a fan. But I’m really feeling the blues right now with all that has happened this week. Anyway – here’s Wayne’s post on Gerry. Well put in my opinion.

Update: Here’s a post I made last year on Gerry Beck. It’s a small taste of why Gerry was so special to the community.

Update2:  Victor Archer’s artistic tribute to Gerry.  Well done!

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The aviation community is stunned

The last couple of days have been awful.  Yesterday, there was an explosion in the Mojave.  Today was the tragedy at Osh Kosh (previous post) and this accident in Phoenix between two news helicopters.  Devastating.

To families and friends of all involved we’d like to extend our sympathies.

Keep an eye on the link blog.  I’ll share what comes up from the news there.

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Tragedy at Oshkosh today

Oshkosh Northwestern

I’m sitting here stunned. This truly has been a tough year for the airshow community. Although the names have not been released yet – I still want to pass along condolences to friends and family of the pilot. I am truly saddened by this.

Update:  Folks at Airshowbuzz are sounding off.  Truly a sad day.

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The Flying Felinis will be at Dayton Air Show

The Flying Felinis will be at Dayton Air Show

“According to air show general manager Brenda Kerfoot, the Felinis are believed to be the only brother and sister flying tactical fighters together in the United States military.”

Very cool.  I’m going to miss being at Dayton this year.  All indications are that this will be one to remember. 

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