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Airshow pilot survives crash

I’d like to wish Sergei a very speedy recovery!

Details here.


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2007 Indianapolis Air Show: Pictures

I’ll update this with more links to other photo galleries as I find them.

Indianapolis Star, Johnner’s Page, The Tiger’s Eye, AAFO, ASB.

added 8/30:  Flickr photos tagged with Indy Air Show, and these starting with the wing walking act (it was a great performance, too).  A few more, from the Pendleton Gazzette’s Flickr page.  [thanks Roger]

added 9/1:  Fencecheck, Ohio Valley Camera Club (more here), more Flickr, John Mueller (love page 3 with the Sky Soldiers!),  these, more here, and others: 1, 2, 3.

Related articles in the link blog.

Updated 10/15:  More photos.

Updated 10/29:  Photos by Bill Gentry.

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17 year old acrobatic pilot

Check out this story about Alex Land, a 17 year old that can fly acrobatics.  Here’s a nice quote from the article:

Land is the youngest competitor in advanced airplane acrobatics, and soon will take the next step to unlimited competition.

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Nancy Lynn Memorial Airport Petition

There is a thread on ASB from Nancy’s son about the petition.  I wasn’t aware of this until now.  I went ahead and signed.  Good luck Pete!

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Say a prayer for Lori Love

Lori’s plane is missing in Africa.  Story here.  AAFO thread here (she was a racer for a time, and the AAFO guys share some of that history in the thread).

Updated 9/5:  Link above is broken already.  I found another story here, but have not been able to find any updates.

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Indy Air Show 2007: Flying with the Blue Angels

Local news personality, Julia Moffit, flies with the Blue Angels.

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Indy Air Show 2007: Fly with Sean Tucker

For those who didn’t get catch this on the news the other night, you can fly with Sean Tucker in this video posted on The IndyStar website.

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