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Paying the price

Well, I’m paying the price for my new job.  In the process of getting ready for my new assignment at work, which involves a trip out of town, I have to miss the Gathering of Mustangs in Columbus, Ohio.  Squadrons of P-51 Mustangs, three P-38 Lightnings, and many of the old pilots who flew them telling their stories…and I’m missing it.  I have to admit, I AM pretty bummed out about missing the show.  I’m excited about my new job at work, but….

Anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty of posts, and hopefully lots of pictures and videos on the website for the show and on Airshowbuzz.  Fingers crossed.


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Team Steadfast and Gary Hubler

Will Whiteside has updated the Team Steadfast website.  Will has a letter there outlining the successes of the 2007 season.  He has many people to thank.  He also posted that Gary Hubler was the backup pilot for team.  As you’ve seen in previous posts, Gary was lost in a race accident this year.  Again, my heart goes out to all affected by his loss, which now includes Team Steadfast.  Visit Will’s site and read his letter.  What a great team.  It is very cool to see a team reach out to its fans the way Team Steadfast does.

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Glenndale days, Indiana

For Indiana aviators, this is a good post with great photos, from Glenndale days, just SE of Kokomo, IN.  I should have been there, but I’ve been busy getting ready for a new assignment in Wisconsin (job related).

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Hometowns honor fallen pilots from air races

I couldn’t just let this one sit in the link blog.  These men were an inspiration.  They were honored by their hometowns this last week.  Blue skies Brad, Steve and Gary! [via Indy Transponder]

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About a former Thunderbird #1

This is a great article about Ron Mumm, a former Thunderbird #1.  [via Indy Transponder]

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Gary Austin, 2007 rookie of the year

Reno Air Races rookie of the year, Gary Austin, shares his story.  Shed some tears, have some laughs, and enjoy the story of him piloting Maybee’s Baby around the pylons.  He’s got some great photos from the trip to Reno as well. [via]

Anyone else think Tylenol should sponsor him for the 2008 Air Races?

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Reno Air Races: More photos/info

I had a pretty busy week.  Obviously, that limited my reading, browsing, posting time.  There are plenty of threads with photos, updates and stories on AAFO.

The link blog was updated also.  Some of the posts were very well written. 

Victor Archer has posted his tribute to Gary Hubler.  Classy.  Victor’s work is always classy.

Wow!  Bob Button announced (video, post race interview) on The Voodoo website that he will not pilot Voodoo next year.  Improvements on the plane are moving forward. [via]

It was very cool to see John Penney post his personal account of landing Rare Bear after the Unlimited Gold Sunday.  I’ve said before, these guys make emergency landings look easy.  John explains it was team effort in the post.

Ahh, Miss America.  A favorite from my childhood days in Lemmon Valley!

Elmer Ward, highly regarded amonst the AAFOers, past away 9-20-07.  Sad news.  Blue skies Elmer!  (Here’s another post.)

Visit this post for a great slide show

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