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Four jet teams at one airshow

Think on this!  If this really happens (it is still in the planning stages) it will be quite a show!  I was bragging in 2005 when I saw the Blue Angels in Indy, and then the Thunderbirds and Snowbirds in Reno.  So within a month I saw three jet teams. This show is boasting the Red Arrows, Snowbirds, and the Patrouille de France.  Video on the post says the Thunderbirds will be added.  So – lets see if they pull it off!


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GML2007 – After action report

Rob Reider interviews those who organized the show on  This was posted two weeks ago – I’m just slow (the new job is a challenge).  Listening to this was enlightening.  Fans – if you’ve wondered what kind of work goes into these shows, this will help fill in the blanks.  Great job Rob!

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Panoramic views – Reno and GML

These are pretty cool.  Panoramic pictures of GML and the Reno Air Races.  I wonder if the guys at work will let me borrow the color plotter!  LOL.  Seriously, I’m thinking about buying this for my new study once I get myself moved to Madison!

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Report on Guilford accident released

Read this post first, from last year, regarding Robert Guilford’s accident at the Hillsboro Airshow last year.

This was in today’s Oregonian in reference to the accident.

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Indianapolis Air Show in World Airshow News Mag

World Airshow News posted some great pictures with a write up of the Indianapolis Air Show.  [via Indy Transponder]

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P-38 omitted from top lists

In my inbox this morning was the P-38 Newletter, compliments of p38assn.  They featured this blog post, where the omission of the P-38 from the top lists on the Discovery and History channels is disputed.  The writer has a very convincing argument.  It’s worth the read.

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What the pilot sees

I missed this when it was posted some time ago and I’m sorry I did.  Fly the whole routine with Rob Holland in the MX2 and see what he sees as the plane goes through all the aerobatics.  Video is about 10 minutes long – and worth every minute.  I’m out of breath just watching.  What a thrill!

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