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Remembering lost fliers – 2007

This was a tough year on the air show and air race circuit. May we always remember the bravery, and most importantly, the love for aviation these fliers shared with us. They will always be an inspiration to us. Once again, we offer our deepest sympathies to their families, friends, and teammates of these fliers.

Pilots lost this year.

Blue skies to:

Stephen Brown, Biplane Racer (Tonapah Low), Feb 8, 2007. AAFO, Tribute, post.

Eilon Krugman-Kadi, Air show performer, L-39 Albatross, Titusville, FL, Mar 16, 2007.

Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Davis, Blue Angels #6, April 21, 2007. Story. ASB thread.

Cpt Shawn McCaughey, Snowbird #2, May 18, 2007. Story. ASB thread. My post.

Steve Hilligoss, founder of Indianapolis Air Show, June 22, 2007. Tributes here, and here.

John McKittrick, a well respected aviator. He bought a P-51 and was getting himself ready to race the pylons. AAFO posts, Related post.

Gerry Beck, Air Racer and warbird restorer (and may other accomplishments), Oshkosh, July 27, 2007. [post]

Jim LeRoy, Acrobatic Pilot, Dayton Air Show, July 28, 2007. [post]

Lech Marchelewski and Piotr Banachowicz of Zelazny Air Show Team, Radom (Poland) Air Show, Sept 1, 2007. [Story, Team site]

Steve Fossett, pioneer, record holder, a future legend. Sept 3, 2007 went missing in the Nevada desert. [Story, AAFO posts, ASB posts]

Jan Wildbergh, Skytypers Air Show Team, NAS Oceana Airshow, Sept 7, 2007. Jan also flew the missing man with his Skytypers team after Blue Angel Kevin Davis’ accident earlier in the year. [Story, Team Site, ASB]

Steve Dari, Biplane racer, Reno Air Races, Sep 11, 2007. Here’s the post with all the links.

Brad Morehouse, Jet Racer, Reno Air Races, Sep 13, 2007. [post]

Gary Hubler, Formula One Racer, Reno Air Races, Sep 14, 2007 [post]

Robert Pond, Naval aviator and mastermind behind the legendary Pond Racer, December 2007. [news]

Some legends:

Cook Cleland, Robin Olds, Richard C Catledge, Tex Hill, Paul Tibbets, Dick Becker, Jefferson DeBlanc Sr., Raleigh “Dusty” Rhodes.

And of course, a personal loss: A. Boyd Snyder

(I’m sure I’ve missed some. Please accept my apologies and leave a comment so I can update the post)

Updated:  Aero-News network did a similar post:  Part 1, Part 2.


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Better than me!

I’ve said many times that there are a lot of people that do things better than I do.  Today, on the Indy Transponder, was a link to a good example: MaxAir2Air.  Great photos.  Weekly photo essays.  A fun site to visit.  And I think they have a lot of links listed that I don’t.  I might have to go back and add some of those to the Aviation Links tab of my blog someday when I have more time (new job, new CHALLENGES, ya know?)

Update:  And now that I’ve perused the site some more…Remembering Gerry Beck is a great tribute. 

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P-38 Lightning: Great tribute video

I got this in my P-38 Newsletter.  I had to share this video.  It is very tastefully done and puts classic footage of the P-38 in action to Hans Zimmer’s music.

You can find a lot of great P-38 news nuggets by visiting their archives.

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WWII POWs escaped with aid from Monopoly

Read this.  [via]

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About Steve Fossett

You’ll want to read this article in the Washington Post before it moves behind the pay wall!  It gives some insight into this incredible adventurer.

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Aviation Nation 2007 – Victor Archer

You can count on Victor Archer to post some great photos when he attends an event.  His pictures for Aviation Nation 2007 have been posted.  I’m just now getting around to pointing you to them.  I apologize for being so tardy.

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Red Bull Air Races in Indy?

The IBJ released an article yesterday stating that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is in talks to host the Red Bull Air Races.  I’m stoked!  I really hope they can make this happen.  It won’t be the same as the Reno Air Races, but it will be some air racing – and I like that! 

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