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Aerobatics competition

This video was in the reader this morning.  It starts with some footage from the Reno Air Races and then moves on to explain how physical aerobatics in an aircraft can be.  It’s a good clip.  Click the link for poster of the video and you’ll find a plethora of aviation videos for your aviation fix of the day!


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Movie: Speed and Angels

My inbox this morning delivered this link to the new and improved website for the movie Speed and Angels.  Its all about flight school with military pilots.  There are some very good clips on the site.  A release date isn’t available for the movie yet, but the email mentioned summer of 2008.  You get a very good mix of pilots and RIOs on the profiles page too.  I’m looking forward to seeing this one. 

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Blue Thunder Air Racing

You may recall previous posts about Blue Thunder Air Racing.  They lost their beautiful Thunder Mustang last September in Reno with an unfortunate accident at the end of the runway.  No one was hurt, but the fire destroyed the airplane. 

I wish I could claim I helped donate to the rebuild effort.  I haven’t yet.  The good news is that the rebuild effort has started, and the team has posted this very positive update on their website. 

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Pylon bar is history

If you’ve ever been to Reno, this was a neat place to visit.  Was!  Past tense!  AAFO has the story, here.  Here’s the thread on their forum so you can read some peoples fond memories of the place.

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RAF Red Arrows to appear in US?

I haven’t been able to find an official press release yet, but the news out on Airshowbuzz is looking very promising.  Here’s the thread.  I’ll update the post once I find something official.  The official RAF website doesn’t have the 2008 schedule posted yet either.

Deb Mitchell, an administrator on ASB, posted here that Langley AFB is one of the shows on June 21 and 22.  She has another post, here, stating Rhode Island is the other US show June 28 and 29.  She says there may be a third show announced later this week.

Watch my link blog, too (right column).  Anything in the news about this will show up there. 

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New team hits the airshow circuit

Read about Red Star and the Dragon here.  The team features pilots Andy “Whitesnake” Anderson and Jerry “Thud” Conley.  The link has been added the Aviation links tab also.

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