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A story about Kojack

Last year’s loss of Kevin Davis still sends ripples of emotion through the air show community.  I expect it always will.  There was a story posted on yesterday that shares Kevin’s joy when he attended the World Series.  It’s stories like this that made me start this blog to begin with.  Maybe one day I’ll get to meet some of these pilots and post their stories.  Human interest stories – stories that make us realize these pilots are people just like us – inspire us to reach for our dreams.  The pilots that awe us at air shows every year remind us to dream big.  Kevin taught us that, too.  Dream big today in his honor.


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Reno Air Races 2007 Photos

Some of the good ones take a while to get posted.  Jarrod Ulrich posted a great gallery Thursday.  It’s worth a visit and leave him a comment and let him know what you think of his work. 

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Compelling stories: Jim Brooks, WWII ace

We all knew that last years Gathering of Mustangs and Legends was a monumental event.  Compelling and inspirational stories were documented there, and it isn’t until now that we are beginning to get genuine glimpses of what that event was able to do.  I’m confident that many more stories, like this one, will come from GML 2007.  I can’t wait to see them all. 

This story is of Jim Brooks, the WWII who piloted the P-51, February.  The most touching element of this story is how the restoration of this aircraft has inspired and touched the lives of Jim’s grandchildren who are young adults now.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy this trailer. 

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Red Bull on back burner for Indianapolis

Honestly, I find this as good news.  I was worried when I read about Red Bull going to Detroit that Indianapolis would not have a shot at landing this.  This article, from the Indianapolis Business Journal, shares that the efforts to land the air race in Indy will continue.  Target year is 2010. 

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Colonel George S. Roberts: Tuskagee Airman

There was a great write-up on this legend on the Wells Fargo Guided by History blog today.  Enjoy.

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Dr. Wolf going to space again

I had the priviledge to see Dr. Wolf speak at the 2006 Indianapolis Air Show (maybe it was 2005?).  Anyway, Dr. Wolf is a native to Indiana, thus the interest in following his career.  He was a great speaker.  He shared some great jokes also – but listening to him talk about space and the preparation to go was absolutely intriguing.  I read this article today that states he will part of the Endeavor crew for STS-127.

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