Where am I? Part II

In addition to the work on the Indy Transponder, I am now doing a five minute radio spot on Flight Line Internet Radio.  I’m having a blast doing it too!  Did I mention I’m learning a thing or two as well?


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Indy Air Show moves to June

Indianapolis Air Show Moves to Early Summer for 2009; Mark Your Calendars for June 5, 6 & 7

Where have I been?

All of my blogging is currently at The Indy Transponder and I’m doing a daily short-read of Aerotainment News on Flight Line Internet Radio.

November 22, 2008 at 12:01 pm 4 comments

Where am I?

I still haven’t determined what to do with this blog yet.  I want the history – so I need to figure something out.  In the meantime, most of my blog-work has been focused on the Indy Transponder.

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Race for the cure – Indianapolis

Today we participated in the Koman Race for the Cure (local news). We walked the 5k route. Afterwards, Debie, Tom and Ty did a balloon release in memory of their fathers, who both passed away on 19 April of different years.

Pictures are here.

This one is my favorite – I got tired of carrying Shane. When I put him down, I asked him to carry me for a while. Well – he tried!

Uncle Mike is tired!

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Birds of a different kind

We left Sunday. We got back last night. We spent three nights away unplugged from the world. We stayed at a lodge at Lake Wisconsin. The lake is still frozen, but it made for some awesome views of the eagles and osprey as they sat on the lake.

Lake Wisconsin 2008

Click to enlarge

If you are looking for a place to get away and unplug for while, Lake Wisconsin Resort is a recommended destination. You check out their photo gallery here.

Oh – hint to Dave, the resort owner – we’re looking forward to the live web cam on your site so we can watch the flying squirrels at night!

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Thunder Over Reno Update

I received a new update yesterday about the movie Thunder Over Reno.  Summer 08 is the new projected release.  You can read the new as the Thunder Over Reno website.

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The Indy Transponder launches

During the air show off season I’ve been working on a project. Someone noticed my little blog here and found out I’m a bit crazy for air shows, air racing and aviation in general. So, I was asked to become part of something bigger. It went live on the internet today. There are plans for bigger and better things in the future, but what we have now is very exciting.

The Indy Transponder is a compilation of numerous articles from across the globe about air racing, air shows, the performers, the organizers, and a whole lot more. It’s been distributed via email for a couple years now, but now it is on the web. I’m thrilled about being a part of this and I believe many of you will enjoy what it has to offer.

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